What people like to do most in front of a beer is to talk about what they always wanted to do in life, but unfortunately most of these chats remain wishful thoughts that never leave the bar. To get people not to abandon their projects and to keep their ambitions alive, we had to show that dreams have an expiration date: the more you put them off the more they will rot.



For all the people who never realized their dream Heineken organized a global contest called “The Dream Island”. It was launched simultaneously online and offline in 7 countries. The contest caught 3927 abandoned dreams, but only 4 people won a dream vacation on our island and an unexpected second chance: to meet their rotten dreams. For a few days, the guys had the opportunity to restore and live their dreams on the island and inspire thousands of users who followed our protagonists directly on the dream island website.The Heineken brand attitude ‘open your world’ was spread.




1 Bronze – New York Festival

1 Shotlist – Cannes Lions



Web & Graphic Designer



Dream_island_1 Dream_island_2